We Think, They Left

The Sun, Moon and the Stars…
And every natural body that we think
Comes and goes
But forever are
Right there.

The moon,
We think isn’t with us during the light…
Is right there!
To offer some sharing and peace.
And to give a little light during the dark.

The stars,
We think left us during the light,
Are right there!
Guiding the lost ones
In the dark.

The Sun,
We think left us in the dark
Is right there!
Showing the ray of hope,
Spreading the light and warmth
To the ones who’ve been enough in the dark.

The humans,
We think left us
And who we grieve about…
They’re right there!
Who either took you to the dark
Only to let you enjoy the bright days more, later.
While the few,
Who’re right there,
And appear when they’re meant to be,
For you,
Like the Sun, Moon and the Stars;
They’re right there
To spread the light,
To offer some sharing and give peace,
And to direct you.
We think, they left.
They’re right there!

~ Dolphin Saumya ~

Be And Let Be

The sand…
It gets along with the waves that come in,
Gets shaped in the form of a castle or whatever form if you build it,
Flies and dances along with the wind…
But if you try to hold it in your hand,
Do you think the free and happy sand would like to stay caged in your fist?
It’d slip away and set itself free.
Do not be shocked or furious for it slipped away
And didn’t meet your expectations of staying caged in your hand,
For YOUR happiness.
It wouldn’t have been, if you didn’t cage it.
You’re the one who would be disappointing yourself,
The sand was however free earlier and even if you try to cage it in your hand it knows how to set itself free – simply by slipping away.
But you…
It is you who will be caged instead, in that own thought and disappointment
Of not meeting your own expectation.
How will you set yourself free, then?
Let it just be,
Let it be free.

~ Dolphin Saumya ~

Let It Flow

Few people aren’t meant to live stereotypical life. Those few people break the stereotype and create an empire. Such are the artists. They don’t care what happens in this world, staying in another world mentally. Few energies/talent generates storm within them, to come out. Every energy needs an outcome or a source to come out from within the body. And the few people who don’t keep those energies locked within but allows them to come out… Those are the ones who become the legends. The artists are born, make noise, does something different/extraordinary, lets the world know of their existence and lives forever. While, the rest of the world remains the ‘crowd’. They’re born, does everything that everyone else does and die.

~ Dolphin Saumya ~

The Not Prisoned Criminals

The world today is so complicated! I mean, the people, these days. The population on Earth is 7.7 Billion as of August, 2019. Imagine the number of complications and double, triple and so on number of faces of 7.7 Billion. Wow!

Mostly everyone has a/the mask(s). Some for showing happiness, some for showing their own good side, some for threatening kids to bring them on the right track etc etc etc… Some get caught even while wearing it and some don’t.

The world today sees only prisoners as criminals. Does that mean the rest of the people are good? You or I don’t need to answer that. We already know! There are millions or billions of faces still roaming around us. We’re surrounded by them. The thing is that, they aren’t sent to prison. Just imagine, if fakers, betrayers, users, liars and every person who hurts the other would also be sent to the prison! Shouldn’t they be punished too? They’re doing wrong, right?

Let’s just leave everything on Karma! If someone does bad to the other, it comes back to them. Same is with the good! But…

There are two types of people:

1) Prisoned

2) Not prisoned

1) Prisoned ones are called as criminals who are already caught and punished so that they improve or avoid the same mistake or crime, next time. Also after watching  few webseries about the criminals or prison, I’ve known and I also believe that sometimes people haven’t done wrong, intentionally,It which leads them to prison. It just happens! And we know the court, lawyers etc. They believe not what’s verbally said, even if it’s true! They believe what they see or what gets proved, even if it’s wrong. Wow! ‘Justice’ ! Anyway, that’s a deep – another topic.

2) Not prisoned ones aren’t called as criminals because they aren’t prisoned. How funny is that! The world is full of ‘criminals’. Not everyone though! Fakers, betrayers, users… etc etc etc. The only difference is that they aren’t behind the bars. They’re free and ready to repeat their mistakes or should I say choices? If this category were sent to prisons, the number of prisons would have been more than the number of residencies.

Well, there are good people as well on this planet. Nice people… Who wouldn’t hurt anyone and who wouldn’t do anything that’s wrong. Some of them be good because – karma, or because – prison! I wonder, why do we be good or control ourselves from doing wrong due to the fear of punishment? Why do we do good things for not to get punished? If there were no punishments or karma, would you be the same? Good? Can’t we just be good beyond the idea of karma? Can’t we be good just for nothing, but for the sake of being good? Or because you don’t want to hurt someone or don’t want to see them sad?

The world would be a so different and peaceful place if we did something good, to spread happiness and good vibes. I don’t mean, to fake it wherever we go. I mean, the real good vibes! Let’s spread goodness and positivity, without expecting the result… Beyond karma! Let’s be good and helping to whoever needs us.

Depth Of The Slap

I remember one fine day… Actually midnight! 00:30, when I was preparing for the GK exam which was to be in the very next morning.
I was learning just the names of the legends, in the question and answer form. I was (surprise) tested, as I said I’m prepared (just because I was really sleepy.), to make sure if I’m really ready for the exam. And guess what! Of course I messed up. I had few favourite names and I answered only them for any random question that was asked! I was slapped! Why not!? For such a crap prep! I was tensed and hurt. What was I gonna do in the exam!? THE VERY NEXT MORNING!
How would I just learn the names without knowing the history or the story behind them! I was a kid that time, probably in 3rd or 4th grade.
I am thankful for the occurrence of such incident. No, I honestly am! You know, bad incidents teach us good lessons. Now as I grew up, I am able to relate it with real life. Mainly with people. When we meet them or even if we just see them, we ASSUME their behavior or character without knowing the story behind them. What they have gone through! What made them how they are now! We just see and think only what we want to! We just assume! And we label them. Just how I answered only my favourite names for all the questions. Life has it’s own way of showing it off. That is the day we’ll be slapped for labeling them wrong. Guilt! When we get to know the real story behind them.
Sometimes, beautiful gifts are wrapped with ugly covers. A kiddish gift is wrapped with mature looking cover. And a funky gift is wrapped with a simple cover. Or vice versa. Let’s not assume a human or a situation just by seeing it from a distance. ‘Cause you get to know the gift only when you uncover it.
Know the story first so that you label them correct and to avoid getting slapped.


~ Dolphin Saumya ~

They Do Exist!

"A rose without thorns!",
Screamed a man.
"Believe I not",
Said the other.
Searched the thorns,
But got it not.
Un-stereotypical -
Believes nobody.
Stereotypical -
Accepts everybody.
Came many people,
Running to the so-called unusual;
Just to confirm!
Just 'cause it's different,
Doesn't mean it's impossible.
It exists!
Nobody thinks,
Just refuses to believe.
The rose,
Later kept in museum,
Visited by millions.
Accepted was only then,
When a human declared it's acceptance.
Disrespect to the nature -
Accepted only post declaration.
A girl chopping off her hair,
A boy liking color pink.
A girl playing with the cars,
A boy learning how to cook.
A girl with a loud laugh,
A boy with no beard.
They do exist!

~ Dolphin Saumya ~

Free The Nipple


‘Free The Nipple’,
Let it ripple.
Why just boys!?
Girls make noise.
Shirtless guys roaming freely on the street,
Topless girls shall be prisioned;
So strict!
Guys rocking social media with shirtless 8 packs pictures,
Girls getting banned on even trying to upload.
Are they different creatures?
Bra showing off the dress,
Human showing off their sense.
Thinking not it is just a cloth to cover the treassure.
Wearing it or not,
Both is a taboo.
Telling what she should do,
You have no right to!
Pads and bras, why to hide?
Natural processes openly slide.
Shy or shame?
To get the monthly red,
Not everyone gets body cleaning;
Feel great!
Tolerable when they have the rights,
Intolerable when women too get to rise.
Equality – they cannot accept,
Women might takeover the rest.
Roaming around for men any time is fine,
Women have to stay home after nine.
Men always first for meal,
Women always the last;
Eating the leftovers.
The rules that are made
Why just for either gender
Can’t it be –
If for men, also for women
If not for women, not even for men!
Women die,
Rapists are safe!
As if getting raped is a crime.
It gives on the spot, death penalty
As if, being a woman is cruelty.
Rapists are still safe!
Victims are dead,
All because of having those body parts
Should we blame the women for the crime?
Shut your eyes or change your sight,
We ban you to tell us of what is right.
The drivers of your own imagination,
Learn how to control
And stop blaming women for intimation.
‘Free The Nipple’,
Let it ripple.

~ Dolphin Saumya ~